Friday, October 17, 2008

guess what?

all these prizes from our amazing sponsors to be won by you tomorrow!

see you there!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Updates #2

The carnival is in TWO DAYS! We're definitely excited - are you?

We'll be going around campus giving out special invites that will allow you to get a free gift on the day of the event itself if you bring it, so read up on our event, look out for us, and don't forget: keep checking back for updates! ;)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tongue in Chic

Hey guys!

If you haven't already checked, the carnival has been posted on Tongue in Chic.

Now you know how serious we are when we say there are gonna be LOTS of clothes and accessories.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Updates #1

Hey guys!


As for the dialogue sessions in the morning, the speakers have been confirmed. And we are excited to announce that Yasmin Ahmad (creative director at Leo Burnett, acclaimed Malaysian film director) will be one of the honoured speakers. Besides that, Andrew Netto (Malaysian stand-up comedian), Christine Ooi (ex-TV3 news presenter) and DJ Hisham (Mix FM radio presenter) will be speaking as well. So, get your questions ready and prepare to interrogate our speakers!

As for the music performances, Estrella, Jerome Kugan, Azmyl Yunor and Rendra Zawawi are the promiment acts at the carnival amongst other local acts. Our very own Taylor's Dance Crew will be performing as well a breakdancing crew from Smash Dance Studio. Plus, there will be capoeira and ninjitsu demonstrations as well.

As for the games, it's segregated into three sections; booth games, carnival games and stage games. Examples of the booth games will be Twister, Marshmallow Mouth, Great Balooon Race and House of Cards. Carnival games include Ball Toss and Pick A Pop. Stage games include Dress-up Dolly, Hot Dog Eating Contest and Boogie Down. We're not giving away the game instructions yet as you'll have to attend the event to find out. Yummy prizes (including scents from Hugo Boss, LOTS of clothes vouchers, huge hampers and gym passes) will be waiting for winners so pull your friends in to participate!

As for the shopping and booths, there will be over 15 shopping booths selling apparels and accessories by local boutiques such as Curvy Chics, Osixnine, Soak Republic, Cinderella's Closet, My Dress Room and My Favorite Tees. Besides, manicure, pedicure and tattoo glitter services will also be available. With this, we would like to remind you to bring sufficient cash :) A Maybank ATM machine is available at the premises.

As for the food booths, there will many sorts of carnival-icious food such as cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn and a special ice blended green tea booth. Besides, homemade cookies, cupcakes and cheese tarts will be sold. A chocolate fan? Stop by the chocolate fondue fountain and dip your strawberries in it :)

Hope you're as psyched as we are about this event :)

The detailed schedule of the carnival will be up soon so keep checking!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We've unleashed our final poster!

It's all around Taylor's College Petaling Jaya, Taylor's College (Subang) and Taylor's ADP.

Please help us spread the message around :)

Keep checking for updates! Coming up real soon!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Hey guys!

This is a brief low-down of the event.

Basically, this event is made up of two sessions ; the morning session and the afternoon session.

The highlight of the morning session will be the three dialogue sessions. Three prominent members of the media will be invited on stage (in separate timings, not simultaneously) with a few members of our team and a dialogue session will take place in front of an audience. Basically, our team members on stage and audience members will spark conversations with these speakers pertaining to the the local media industry. The list of speakers will be up soon so you guys can get your questions ready :)

As for the afternoon session, it will be full-blown entertainment for you guys. There will be band performances, games, food and many interesting booths to explore. Pull your friends in to participate in the festivities cause when we have fun, we like to share it :)

These are the line up of activities for both sessions:

Morning session (10:00am – 1:30pm)

Venue: Courtyard, Leisure Commerce Square

Event: Opening launch of SOC Media Carnival ’08, Opening of Stage 1


  • Speeches by Miss Natasha Mohd Hishamuddin, Chair of SOC Media Carnival ’08; Miss Josephine Tan, Programme Director of SOC; Irene Jessica Lewis, Student Head of SOC Media Carnival ‘08
  • Montage by the Foundation students as a tribute to SOC
  • Graffiti
  • 3 Dialogue sessions with three different themes.
  • Closing

Afternoon Session (2:00pm – 8:00pm)

Venue: Courtyard, Area from B1 to B2 of Leisure Commerce Square

Event: Opening of Stage 2


  • Speeches by Miss Tharshni Kumarasamy, Deputy Advisor to SOC Media Carnival ’08; Crystal Gan, Student Representatives of SOC Media Carnival ‘08
  • Game booths
  • Food booths
  • Inflatable games
  • Band performances
More details on the dialogue sessions, band performances, games and booths will be coming up soon!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Here a few objectives of the SOC Media Carnival '08:

1) To kick-start an annual tradition in SOC where everyone unites under the common theme of media and communication.

2) To hold an event organized by the students for the students, as an exercise for them as communication strategists.

3) To hold informal dialogue sessions with celebrities and speakers from various fields on latest trends and issues pertaining to media and communication locally and

4) To provide a platform for learning and induction for the juniors as part of firstyear experience (FYE), a collaboration of energy in event management for sophomores, an opportunity for alumni members to return and share their experiences, take and
partaking of advice on the industry.

5) As a festive tribute to those leaving and will be joining the industry.

6) To allow the opportunities for keen and able students to showcase their leadership potentials and organizational skills which will be included into their CV.

7) To create a bridge between SOC students and key players in media and communication; to establish a sense of belonging in the industry which will be theirs in a couple of years. This bridging is crucial to realize the creative talents SOC have as well as for the students to tap into the movers and shakers of the industry.